1. consultant1027's Avatar
    I've got a V30 on the way, nice you can now get a brand new one for $350 these days. I have a pristine G6 but decided to upgrade as my eyesight isn't what it used to be and I wanted the slightly bigger/brighter screen and longer battery life. In all my life I only cracked the screen on one phone, a previous G6 so my current one has a glass screen protector and more protective case. G6 is Gorilla Glass 3 on front and 4 on back. I know V30 is Gorilla Glass 5 all around. I do know a screen protector mainly protects from scratches, not cracks from significant falls.

    Now my G6 with medium thick case is about the size I like so the V30 without case is about the same size. I'm careful with my phones. I just tuned 50 and work from home and don't carry the phone around a lot (don't get out much LOL.)

    It seems to mean it *should* be a no-brainer to *at least* stick a tempered glass protector on the screen side to prevent the screen from scratches and you can't even tell they are there really. Since I want to avoid the bulkiness of the case and for once in my life would like to see the actual finish of the phone without some funky case or glossy clear plastic thing around it, I'm thinking of going bare.

    So my question is (sorry for the long rant) basically will I be sorry not putting some sort of minimal case on it? I like to preserve the resale value, but this time I'm willing to not be so paranoid.

    For those of you that have/had one for a year or more, and didn't use a case (or screen protector) how did it hold up as far as scratching? Did the GG5 do it's job well?
    12-05-2018 10:09 PM
  2. Subserved_Meteor's Avatar
    I've been using a TPU casing for my phone since I bought it (mainly because I'm clumsy) but didn't use a screen protector. Dropped the phone a few times, either from table height or when walking, the screen never shattered or broke, not even sure I got any scratches... Can't see anything or feel it. Probably the most durable phone I've had since my Nokia 😁
    12-07-2018 07:54 AM
  3. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    The V30 is the first phone I put a case on due to the glass back; it being glass, and the glass is a little slick to the touch.

    I went with the Spigen Neo Hibrid case, for the looks, for whatever protection it provides, and for the ease of holding. I don't use any screen protectors, and it has no scratches.
    12-10-2018 02:53 AM
  4. DFranch's Avatar
    It is a little slippery, so I've had a case since I got it. It is the smallest case I could find though and adds very little to the size of the device. https://www.amazon.com/Slim-Case-LG-...cUvbUpU6421833
    12-13-2018 08:18 AM

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