1. Theot's Avatar
    Does anybody know if the Fi version of the V35 is running just LG's Skin sans carrier apps? I can't imagine its running stock Android or Android one right? IDK why, I have a pixel 2 but I wanted a V30 and this one on Fi with the newer 845 Chip and extra Ram is very tempting to me as I don't hate LG's skin completely.

    Wonder if the Fi version will get more consistent updates. Even if it just security updates.
    07-25-2018 02:25 PM
  2. Itsa_Me_Mario's Avatar
    Yes to LG's skin, no to more consistent updates.
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    07-25-2018 02:58 PM
  3. bhatech's Avatar
    No carrier crap doesn't mean faster updates on Samsung/LG phones. In fact US unlocked Samsung and LG phones get updates slower than carrier variants. So to answer I don't think there will be much difference in update timelines between V35 AT&T, project Fi and unlocked Amazon prime models.
    07-25-2018 06:42 PM
  4. wenglish#AC's Avatar
    I was (still am) concerned about the same issue (untimely updates from non-carrier-branded phones), so I asked this on the Amazon page for the V35:
    "Who will issue os updates for this phone? lg and at&t are notorious for not issuing os updates for the unlocked models of lg phones."

    and got this in response from the the "manufacturer":
    "Thank you so much for your inquiry. Once an update is approved and made available it will be released via LG’s over-the-air solution directly to your device, assuming an active data connection, or via LG Bridge tethered solution."

    Not sure that really means it will get updates faster than they would come from (say) AT&T for an AT&T-branded model though, so I'm still on the fence.

    I wish LG would realize that people want non-carrier-branded phones, but still want reliable & timely OS updates - just like, you know ... Apple does.
    07-26-2018 02:03 PM
  5. bhatech's Avatar
    Yes it comes directly from LG but doesn't mean it'll come faster, proof is the past US unlocked LG and Samsung models which get updates after the carrier versions.
    Things are little different for international unlocked models and are better, but in the US it's bad for official LG and Samsung US unlocked phones.
    07-26-2018 03:37 PM

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