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    I just got a V35 'unlocked' and wonder if someone can answer a few questions based on experience of this phone or other similar symptoms.

    First, the Pie update doesn't seem to be available due to me not running AT&T. I'm consumer cellular but running on their T-Mobile wholesale for international roaming (something that took six calls into them so I'd rather not switch back). Would the update apply if I signed up for a month of AT&T prepaid based on others experience?

    Second, the phone seems to like pausing full screen games. It's almost like every full screen app engages the back button causing the game to pause every couple minutes. Anyone know of a setting that may prevent this? Even Antutu won't finish as it thinks I'm cancelling it. It doesn't do it in apps that aren't full screen. Anyone seen something like this. I tend to just continue the game but it can be annoying at times.
    07-12-2019 02:30 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Consumer Cellular doesn't update, so you'll have to wait for LG to send the update - if it was factory unlocked. If not, you'll have to find an update file yourself and apply it - XDA Forums would be your best bet.

    If AT&T has already issued the update, and it's not still staged, switching might get the update if you started it manually (in Settings). But XDA, if someone captured an update file (they delete themselves once they're installed, so only a few people do it), would work regardless. If it's labeled AT&T, look for an AT&T update file.

    No idea about the pausing - it could be hardware or software related.
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    07-13-2019 03:36 PM
  3. dizzydevil78's Avatar
    I found the pausing issue as the app became much more aggressive over time. It was caused by some app named "Fun Camera" that added photo filters. After throwing full screen video ads when not even running I uninstalled it and all the pausing issues of the games stopped.

    The performance hit on v20 was so bad after the oreo update that the phone became useless. With some apps reporting the same thing after Pie on the v35 I think I'll take my time in trying to proactively get the update now that the other issue has been resolved.
    07-17-2019 04:29 PM

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