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    Been in search of my wifes new phone upgrade.

    1. Buy Mint condition phone from SWAPPA, always weary of buying used electronics. Is it worth the risk?
    2. Been waiting for Galaxy s10 to go on sale at Cricket . Dont know if Cricket will get the s20 for s10 to go on sale?
    3. Have no idea on what to get for my wife!!!!!!!!

    She's had the moto g6, using galaxy j2 at present. My thoughts have been galaxy note 9, s10 from SWAPPA. Also thought about either the moto 7 plus, moto 8 or z4. I want a good processor, good ram 4 to 6, and decent phone for family and school function photos and videos. Around 6" screen for viewing video.
    The reason for the LG V35 THINQ is it's 299.00 at cricket. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade for my wife. I'd appreciate all and any suggestions.
    03-07-2020 11:38 AM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    You might be able to find an LG V40 at a cheaper price.

    I've used Swappa several times and have had great experience. Just read over how the seller posts and their reputation.
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    03-07-2020 01:56 PM

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