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    I have T-Mobile and currently have the V30. I would like to just keep my V30, but it has a slightly cracked upper left corner in the screen. For the amount I owe on it and the amount to fix it, I'm probably better off just purchasing a new device. Two devices I'm considering are the V40 and the G7 considering T-Mobile has a BOGO right now for LG. I will not be considering the G8. It is too expensive for my tastes. It was 620 for the longest time at T-mobile and for some reason it was raised to 750 recently.

    For the price of the G7, which is zero down, 16 a month and only 400 dollars, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Especially combined if I can get a BOGO and get both one for me and my wife for only 400 dollars. But I honestly like the V series more than the G. I feel like the V40 spec-wise would be better, even though it's not much of an upgrade from the V30. Especially in the battery life department. The G7 also has an LCD display and I'm kinda hesitant about that. OLED like the V30 or V40 looks much better IMO. I'm also worried that either phone I go with, the battery life isn't going to be that great. Especially compared to my V30 with is like the king.

    What do you guys think?
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    08-10-2019 08:32 AM
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    The V40 is an upgrade for both your V30 and the G7. If taking pictures and video or music are important to you, I would recommend the V40. The. Amoled screen is beautiful and the boom box speaker and Quad DAC provide great audio. The camera and video features are a stand out. I too have T-Mobile and my V40 maintains a good connection in areas that were basically dead zones for other devices. On a side note, you might want to try the Reddit V40 sub for more feedback as there isn't much activity on this forum.
    08-10-2019 09:35 PM
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    I just jumped from a V20 to V40 a couple of weeks ago, also on Tmo - here are my impressions:

    * while I know objectively that the screen is not smaller, the phone doesn't have that big "phablet" feel of the earlier models, I guess because it's narrower. This could be a plus or minus, depending what you prefer. I missed that slablike feeling, and found I needed a different case (ironically, a thicker one) for it to feel comfortable for me.

    * I miss the second screen, but the floating bar is an acceptable substitute.

    * battery life has been excellent - much better than I anticipated. I top it up in the car for a few minutes of (wired, not superfast) charge here and there and have yet to have it finish the day at less than 30% even though I use it hard and have the always on display set to the big clock.

    * everything runs fast and smooth...

    *... Except the camera which occasional ly hangs when opening.

    * reception is noticeably better. We always have terrible reception at our house, and I'm getting 3-4 bars instead of 1-2.

    * all cameras outstanding in decent light; in mixed lighting or low light images get a bit crunchy, although they're not unusable.

    * speaker and sound are even better than the v20 - really outstanding (and, other than price, the main reason I went with the v40 instead of waiting for the new Note)

    * v40 has the update to pie if that's important to you - I updated it before I transferred my stuff and it is running fine.

    The only way I can put it is that the v40 is a pleasant and very usable phone, but nothing in it is likely to make you go "ooohhhh that's cool!". I don't love it the way I did my v20 (which was the best Android phone I've ever used). It's powerful and easy to use, but somewhat "bland" if that makes sense. Everything about it is good, although nothing about it is exciting. Kind of the Toyota Corolla of phones.
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    08-12-2019 07:25 AM

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