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    This is a note to any lurkers who are googling update problems, or times for their update.

    - do NOT uninstall Google apps. You will het a security error and have to reset.
    - Sprint apps seem ok to get rid of. If there are any that cause a problem, post here and ill update
    - GPS toggle on the dropdown seems to be buggy. Long pressing willtake you to the menu and it will work then.
    - LCD notifications are gone. No fix yet.
    - Headphone controls work with 3rd party apps
    - factory reset and data wipe stops sprint ID force close.


    After doing the update on my stock, non-rooted viper, I thought it was running awesome,except for the occasional Sprint ID force close.

    At the suggestion of Tommy, I went ahead and did an SD card wipe and a factory reset. This should not be a big deal, since most everyone has all of their data on the cloud anyway.

    The results are significant, and the performance is even smoother, with no force closes or network issues.

    So, if you are having issues, force closes, lag, etc., please do the data wipe and factory reset before posting. I believe that 90% of the issues we are seeing are related to superimposing a giant update on an old file system.

    Notes: fixes Sprint ID force closes; need to go to menu afterwards and "activate phone" in order to get mobile data (just a button press, no dealing with Sprint for this); reduces the frequency that the phone reads the SD card data.

    ** thanks to Tommy, Nigel, Gollum, Hexz, and the rest for all of the support.

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    11-08-2012 11:19 AM
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    Bump. People still having problems because they don't do reset.

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    11-10-2012 01:11 PM
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    Submit anything to list, bump.

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