1. scaots's Avatar
    What's call notification like? I can't find anything about it even in general for AW2.0. I assume it does notify of incoming calls. Can you dismiss a call from the watch?
    05-22-2017 11:42 AM
  2. woody nh's Avatar
    There is a light vibration and the incoming screen lights up with caller's name if in your contact list otherwise the caller's number. You can then tap to accept or dismiss the call.
    05-23-2017 07:48 AM
  3. scaots's Avatar
    Thanks! So answering just activates the phone since there is no speaker in the watch?

    It doesn't actually connect as a calling device (just for mic I guess)? That's a problem with my Urbane LTE. I only get call notification if watch is connected as a handsfree device for calls (configured in BT settings), but then my phone can't automatically connect​to my car.
    05-23-2017 10:24 AM

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