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    I thought it would be a nice way to show everyone what we use this watch for. I am no where near a power user. I use my watch purely for the general things and other fun stuff but others might be using their watch in a totally different way. So post your watch setups ....I'll start. My setup up should be simple.

    Besides my system apps that I can't delete


    Launcher- Currently no launcher but I normally use Apollo or Wear Mini Launcher
    Watch face- Just the stock ones for now. I'm contemplating on buying Watchmaker though.
    Text messaging- Both Google Messenger for my watch phone number and VZW Messenger + so I can enable phone calls from my smartphone.
    Email- No email client installed
    Sports- Ghostracer for running, GolfShot for golf gps, Up app for a step counter, Google fit for heartrate, VIMO golf swing analyzer
    Music- Just google play music

    That's it for me. I'm a simple guy but I love golf!
    04-14-2016 12:19 PM
  2. ekerbudeeeek's Avatar
    Watchmaker is free on Amazon underground

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-14-2016 12:49 PM

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