1. llcamino's Avatar
    I have sideloaded Wear 2.0 and love everything about it except one thing.

    There is no option to have the watch send your text from the phone number if connected. Wear 1.5 was able to do this. It seems as though the only option would be to use Number Sync. I avoided ever using Number Sync before upgrading because of the battery drain stories and I was able to set the watch to send texts via phone number.

    Does anyone know if this can be done without Number Sync or if number sync has improved on battery drain in 2.0?
    07-06-2017 11:23 AM
  2. foxbat121's Avatar
    The built in Messages app on the watch still works the same as before. You can choose which number, phone or watch, to send or receive text and it works for me.
    07-06-2017 12:47 PM
  3. llcamino's Avatar
    When I open the built in Messages app, I only get a screen saying "To see your phone messages turn on ATT NumberSync"

    If I go thru contacts to try to send a message it does not give me a choice of sending from watch or phone number. I am receiving texts sent to the phone on the watch but cannot reply to them.
    07-06-2017 01:27 PM
  4. foxbat121's Avatar
    AT&T Number Sync on 2.0-screen.png

    Tap the icon on top of the screen to switch between phone text and watch text.
    07-06-2017 02:54 PM
  5. llcamino's Avatar
    Thanks. I had just figured that out. However, this requires me to use Android Messages as my default SMS app. I had been using the built in LG Messages app on my G5. Is there an option to continue using the default LG Messages app? If not, I guess I'll have to adjust to the Android Messages app. (I'm guessing this may be because its not an official LG release of 2.0)?

    Also, when I try to use OK Google to send text message thru voice command, it only gives the choice of "send via watch". Is there a way to change the ok google default sms sending info?
    07-06-2017 03:16 PM
  6. foxbat121's Avatar
    I don't think it has anything to do with what text app you use on the phone side. That being said, I have always been using the Google's Messages app.
    07-06-2017 04:03 PM
  7. llcamino's Avatar
    Thavjs for the replies foxbat. In doing some experimenting it does seem to want to use the same pbone messaging app. But I already see the benefits of Google messaging app so I'll stick with it.

    Would you know how to make the OK Google voice text default to send from phone number? This one has me stuck. It still only gives the option of sending via watch.
    07-06-2017 04:36 PM
  8. foxbat121's Avatar
    No, I don't know how.
    07-06-2017 06:18 PM

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