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    So, I just opened my LG Watch Urbane, and I started to make some fancy watch faces, and I am noticing that it appears as if the screen is not displaying my watch faces completely centered. The images I am creating are centered on my computer, and they are centered in both watch face applications (on my computer and phone) I am using, Facer Maker and Mr. Time Maker.

    The faces seem to be shifted slightly upward and to the right...?

    I've attached two photos of one of the faces on my watch to give a look at what I am talking about.

    Has something like this been reported? (I've also noticed that it happened with other faces, including stock ones.)

    Is there something I can/need to re-calibrate?

    Watch Screen Not Centered?-20161228_100311.jpg
    Watch Screen Not Centered?-20161228_100334.jpg
    12-28-2016 09:13 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does it stay like that, or does it move around subtly intermittently? If your watch screen is set to Always On, this might be a way to prevent screen burn-in.
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    12-29-2016 12:48 AM
  3. Dankees's Avatar
    That's an interesting hypothesis. I wish it were correct. I don't have it set to "Always On," however, because I would like to have great battery life. The screen is basically off the entire day.

    And, no, it doesn't move around, it always appears shifted slightly upward and to the right.

    Can you see it in my photos?

    Does anyone else experience this?

    It even happens with stock watch faces.
    12-29-2016 05:51 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I do see what you're talking about, but unfortunately I don't have a good answer for that. Let's see if anyone else with the same watch has seen the same thing.
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    12-29-2016 08:26 PM
  5. Dankees's Avatar
    I've e-mailed LG. I would like to see what they say. I'm thinking of doing a factory reset (just in case).

    Also, I have a tempered glass screen protector on it. That might give it this illusion, but I doubt it because it's uniformly round and placed in the center.
    12-29-2016 09:19 PM
  6. Dankees's Avatar
    Can others please weigh in on this?

    Can you please post your own photos of your own watches, please?
    01-06-2017 09:31 AM
  7. muiriddin's Avatar
    Mine moves just a bit as a screensaver anti burn in measure... Which seems to be different from what you are seeing.
    01-10-2017 04:21 PM
  8. Dankees's Avatar
    Can you post a picture of yours?
    01-10-2017 11:01 PM
  9. muiriddin's Avatar
    Can others please weigh in on this?

    Can you please post your own photos of your own watches, please?
    When it is set to always on, it has two modes...

    Fully lit,

    Or less so,

    When in the second mode the face is shrunk slightly and it drifts around just a bit...
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    01-13-2017 08:36 PM
  10. Dankees's Avatar
    Thank you. It's a bit hard to see. Can you post watch faces that aren't black. It's very hard to see the contrast.
    01-14-2017 01:15 AM
  11. anon(18763)'s Avatar
    I use:

    I am not well versed in creating anything but this program does everything I need and more. May want to try a different program like this and see if you get the same of centered results
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    01-17-2017 09:25 AM
  12. Dankees's Avatar
    I'm getting it on stock faces, too.
    01-17-2017 09:33 AM
  13. Dankees's Avatar
    Can anyone else please assist?
    03-01-2017 05:57 PM
  14. Dankees's Avatar
    Can others please weigh in on this?

    Can you please post your own photos of your own watches, please?
    05-13-2017 12:48 PM
  15. Dankees's Avatar
    I think the issue was it moved to reduce screen burn in, but it never moved back, and it just remained in the wrong spot.

    Has anyone else ever heard of this problem?

    (I've since replaced it.)
    05-19-2017 09:19 AM

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