View Poll Results: Are you planning on buying a Nest?

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  • Yes! Automate my thermostat!

    6 26.09%
  • No! I'm afraid of the robot apocalypse

    1 4.35%
  • Hmmm, answer unclear, ask again later

    8 34.78%
  • Already got one!

    8 34.78%
  1. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Now that Google has purchased Nest, and it is likely that there will be close integration with Android in the future, are you planning on buying a Nest? Or do you already have one?
    Patrick Schroedl likes this.
    01-29-2014 11:11 PM
  2. Patrick Schroedl's Avatar
    I'd like to get one soon, that's for sure.
    01-29-2014 11:14 PM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I wouldn't object to getting one, just don't have the cash to do so.
    01-29-2014 11:35 PM
  4. wizzrah's Avatar
    Meh. I have enough Google devices...
    Flagz likes this.
    01-29-2014 11:37 PM
  5. YAYTech's Avatar
    I bought a Nest a few months ago. It's a 1st gen unit that was on clearance at Lowes for $100. Score! Works great.
    02-06-2014 01:27 PM
  6. 58Gemni's Avatar
    Yep, and it is also hooked into my home automation system, Vera3.
    02-21-2014 09:28 AM
  7. saltyzip's Avatar
    I bought one a few weeks ago, one of the first in the UK to get them installed. Its working very well so far, hoping I can recoup the nest purchase price on my utility bills within the first year.

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-09-2014 02:52 AM
  8. RobAl33's Avatar
    I too would like one but seems very expensive. I'll have to do research to see if it'll save me any money on bills before I consider it. It also needs to be wife proof.
    mbar9607 likes this.
    05-09-2014 03:11 AM
  9. Almeuit's Avatar
    I have one -- LOVE it.
    09-11-2014 06:27 PM
  10. iOSConvert2k14's Avatar
    Wondering if Nest would be worth it in my single electric bill is already around 70 - 85/month (less in cooler months like November). Decisions decisions haha
    11-01-2014 01:45 AM
  11. Snareman's Avatar
    I've owned one since the Nest 2 came out. I had some problems with it initially and with ignorant tech support, but its been running solid for the past year or so. I love being able to control it from my phone and it turning off when I'm not at home.
    11-12-2014 11:51 AM
  12. bako88fan's Avatar
    Picked up a 2nd Gen Nest tonight from Lowe's. I had it installed within 10 minutes without looking at any directions. Setup was very intuitive. The software setup and auto update me it all very easy. I can't wait to see how it learns our habits and then programs itself.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
    09-13-2015 03:21 AM
  13. Xingularity's Avatar
    Picked up a gen 3 a week ago. Sane as poster above, easy to install and having fun learning it....

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-20-2016 12:00 PM

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