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    Hi, my name is Teejai and I think I'm addicted to wemo. I know I should stop and I know I should move onto something bigger and better................. but I don't.

    Currently I have the following:

    2 x light bulbs
    3 x smart switches
    1 x light switch
    1 x wemo maker
    1 x motion sensor

    My fav out of all them is the wemo maker. I have it mounted in my garage and the input is wired to a magnetic reed switch on my front gate. Every time the gate opens all of our devices get a notification and it works every time! The output switches a sprinkler solenoid to water the front plants at night. At one stage it was connected to the garage door so it opened automatically as I drove to the house.

    Next is the motion sensor, it didn't work for 6 months as it would trigger constantly for no reason at all. Plugged it in the other day and now its fine to go figure. I have it mounted at the top of my indoor stairs. Walk on the stairs and fairy lights on the stair railings turn on and also a bulb in the living room. This gives us a lighted path to the kitchen and the first light switch. So handy!

    In the bedroom we have a lamp with a bulb and the light switch in the robe. At night we can turn them on and dim the bulb so my wife can feed the baby. No more getting out of bed to turn the light on.

    Thanks to all the rules I can also trigger all the lights on if the gate opens past a certain time at night and also the netcam detects something. Helps let us know someone might be in the yard.

    Next I want door sensor for the backdoor for a notification when it opens. Replace another light switch with a wemo one. arrgh it never stops!

    I also found this software for Android and it is soooooooooo much better than the Belkin software.


    It's super fast and very reliable.

    Who else has wemo and whats some interesting things you do with it?
    06-12-2017 02:14 AM

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