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    for some time I've been working on a neural network which plays go; an ancient board game.

    Go has been a game impossible to win in from humans by computers until recently Google Alphago won from the fourth best player in the world.

    Now, my ambitions are not that high

    But I like to play around with neural networks and genetic algorithms.

    I've worked on this for a couple of years now off and on in my free time and now want to expose my code to other users.

    guess my question bares down to this:

    Which of you use Linux on a desktop and would you be interested in running this software?

    I'm planning to set up a site with the software on it soon, but I'd like to know whether other people would be interested in this or not?

    Best regards and thanks for your thoughts,

    08-02-2016 03:04 PM

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