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    This is getting a lot of play on the ATT forums and a few other places, not sure why its not a big issue here yet.

    But the the new market app, apart from being almost 7megs, is a huge battery drain. I went from going 30 hours or so with my extended battery to less than a working day before needed a charge. Checked things out with Android Assistant and a couple other battery apps to find that the market was drawing a huge percentage of battery even when not being used. Uninstalled updates and battery life went back to normal, but the new app keeps reinstalling and can't get it to stop.

    A couple other threads on people that dont like the new market, but didnt see any that dealt with battery life. Any others seeing this as well?

    (evo 4g rooted with 3500 battery)

    Thread were people are trying to make it go away:

    08-14-2011 11:40 AM