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    Hi Guys,

    Android users out there, can you guys help me out by downloading this app called mBlackBox because i'm currently facing a low download dilemma here --> http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/appsdi...nter/idapps/24

    *The link will prompt you to download (not spam) nor does it get you infected with any malicious software!

    Please help me advertise it among other forum user and feel free to give your personal view about my app here. Please be kind to me as this was my first attempt of developing an androidapp. If there are better channel to advertise, do give me suggestions on it.

    Some picture link and description below.

    Have you even wanted a surveillance camera in your car to protect yourself against any unreasonable car insurance claim without paying for an additional device? mBlackBox allows you to double up your Android phone as a vehicle black box
    It records traffic condition (video recording),travelling route,speeding etc, which provide valuable evidences to support your insurance claim. It also provides updated traffic conditions & incidents like road works, accidents etc, within its proximity.

    Pic 1 --> http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/app/24/mBox_main1.jpg
    Pic 2 --> http://android.sce.ntu.edu.sg/app/24/mBox_Setting.jpg

    Thanks for the support ^_^

    10-12-2011 05:56 AM
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    Guys, please support me by downloading the app given the above link becos tomorrow will be the closing for the competition.. And the app is free by the way, certainly with no virus or what so ever implications.. Thank you for the support...
    10-14-2011 07:38 AM