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    Can anyone help me understand what is happening based on the following information?
    I am a customer of Bank of America and I had their App on my old iPhone 3G so when I updated my phone to a HTC Inspire 4G I installed the free B of A App from the Android App store. My wife continues to use her iPhone 3G and she too has the B of A App.

    We are currently in Brazil (that is a key point) and several days ago I was notified by the Android App store that the B of A App had an update. So I attempted to install the update whereupon I received the following message from the App This item is not available in your country and I was not allowed to do the update. Two days later, while I was doing maintenance on my wifes phone, I noticed that the B of A App had the same update available so I selected it and no problem the App was updated.

    I contacted the Android App store and asked why I could not update the B of A App. The first email said that It is not allowed in that area blocked because of certain issues with the Gov.. I sent a follow-up email questioning this and stating that our Apple iPhone updated and I received the following reply:

    After further review of the Bank of America application, I have found that the developer has not selected Brazil as a country they will allow the application to be used in. If you would like more information about the application, I recommend contacting the developer themselves.

    Developers are responsible for maintaining their own apps, including making sure they function correctly and work as promised.

    I have since contacted Bank of America and was first told that the App store controlled where the App could be updated. I pressed them about why can the Apple device be updated but not the Android device, which prompted a second call from B of A stating that they indeed controlled the update process and that Brazil was not authorized to receive updates on this App. Again I asked why it could be done on the Apple device if that was there policy. The support person has now gone back to ask again why Apple but he eluded that maybe it was the App store that controlled the update authorization.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Who is it that controls the Apps ability to update, is it the developer or the App store? I would like to know so that when I make a purchase I can understand if the App will be updated when I travel. By the way, this updating is all being done over my own Wi-Fi not the cellular network.

    Although the Android App store said that B of A would not allow the application to be used in Brazil, it works but it just wont update.

    Thanks for any help understanding this issue.
    10-25-2011 06:07 PM