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    I have an EVO 3d. This is a 2 part thread for starters. first off I keep getting an error message "sdcard flags is full please continue downloads manually.". I replaced the SD card with brand new 8g card. Same message. What gives?
    2nd part. I had an EVO 4G and had water damage. So being resilient and never being content with what I have I'm hitting Sprint and assurion up for upgrades for free. Hit with the infamous brickwall I was just glad to have a new 4G on the way. Next day I open my new homeland what before my eyes do I see but a brand new sparkling EVO 3s for me. Excited and giddy I charge my new toy thinking this is a great day........ I guess I missed something other than the 3d this phone is far less superior. It doesn't download as much nearly as fast. Button positioning sux charger positioning blows as well. and this thing eats power faster than a crack where stranded on an island made of crack. Is it me? Am I to dense? I don't know. I know this I miss my 4G.
    11-04-2011 08:49 AM