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    Hi guys, Ive been lurking here for a bit but this is my first post. Im trying to help my wife who is in administration for a small school disrict. They are all on Ipad's but we are an android family. So they handed out a list of apps for ipad that they suggest. Im trying to find the android equivlant. Sorry for the long post but if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
    1. Video/camera app: In small groups have students take a snapshot of an important part of the story. Have other students predict tableaux or take several shots and use them as a sequencing activity.
    2. Video app One group starts a story the next groups watches the video and adds on to the story use as a summary of assigned reading.
    3. QR scanner: Create QR codes to create a class scavenger hunt reviewing for tests, vocab word lists, etc.
    4. Screen Chomp: Create a video screen cast to show understanding or teach another group a conceptexpert groups in high def
    5. Toontastic: outlines narrative elements of a story. Create your own original story with narrative elements or review from a story you are reading.
    6. Word magnets: Create shurley sentences using word magnet. Have kids create groups of words and challenge another student to label the categories
    7. Poetry magnets: Some strong vocabulary words on this app. Make fun poems!
    8. Word Solitaire/Magic Words/Word Domino: All great apps to increase vocabulary and play with words.
    9. TimeReading: Students can measure their own fluency.
    10. Number Line Apps: (there are 2 of them) students increase number sense by putting numbers in their place on a number line.
    11. Facetime App: Video Chat between classrooms especially if one teacher is too tired to teach today 
    12. Dragon Dictation: Kids speak story into ipad types out what they say. Would require students to speak clearly. Good idea for Story Walks!

    Purchased Apps Only on ipad 1
    Please try these and decide if they are worth buying for other pads

    Numbers League: Mental math/Logic puzzles
    Spell Phonics: Lower level focus on specific sounds in phonics and links to spelling (3rd grade sp. Ed.)
    Tic/Tac Fractions: two playersadd, subtract, multiply, divide fractions 5th grade
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