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    My stock (unrooted) Sprint Epic 4G was running perfectly on the 2.3.6 EL30 Gingerbread update (GPS fix) but was intermittently locking up and/or rebooting. I noticed that after popping out the battery and restarting, there was a Market Update icon everytime. Without fail now, each time my phone freezes/locks up, there is invariably a Market Update notification for one of my apps. On Froyo I learned NOT to have my apps automatically update. That guaranteed a lockup/crash whenever there was an update. Now my phone locks up less and there are successful update notifications that go flawlessly (save for some apps that don't show and update button after indicating an update available - odd). None of my apps have automatic update enabled. However, I'm guessing that there is about a 25% to 50% crash/freeze rate for the Android Market applications. All my applications are from the Android Market. I do use both the premium versions of Lookout and Antivirus. The problem is beginning to get worse. What was a once per week incident is now becoming an almost a daily problem. I've cleared cache repeatedly but it's still happening. I have moved all my apps to the SD card so I don't know if that's the reason. Any pointers or tips would be appreciated. I have about 25% space free on internal memory and the SD card.
    02-28-2012 09:08 PM