1. Galane's Avatar
    I want to install the Maverik Country Stores app. Note the spelling of Maverik.

    Market insists on "correcting" the spelling of the name and will only show apps with maverick in their names.

    How do I make this thing stop that? Before the update to the current Market I was able to find and download that app.

    Now they've updated to this google play dumbness and it won't let me download anything from there through a web browser, but there it will show the Maverik app.

    Is there a way to force a web browser to the old Market site? If not, WTH do I get the stupidly named new Google Play Store app for my phone so it'll get things straightened out with the website?

    Business customer service commandment number one. "Do not irritate your customers.".

    Google, you have just FAILED that one big time. The best way to not have failed was to not have changed this. The second best way was to have migrated ALL accounts to the new site BEFORE going live with it.

    Throwing a big log into everyone's way is not the path towards keeping people happy and keeping them from switching to something other than Android.
    03-08-2012 04:27 PM
  2. Galane's Avatar
    Well, it eventually sorted out the website and I got the app. The on-phone market still is determined to try and outsmart the users.

    Such a massive -up by Google to not migrate all the accounts *before* changing things. One would think after all these years that companies would have learned how to do such a change with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

    Nope, they keep repeating the same stupid things. When you do something right, it should be hard to tell you've done it. Google could have made this change so that most people wouldn't even have noticed, because it would have caused no interruptions.

    If I hadn't needed to get an app TODAY, I may not have noticed. The state the new site will be in *tomorrow* is how it should have been at launch *today*.
    03-08-2012 06:35 PM
  3. MetallicaDan's Avatar
    I was able to search for Maverik no problem on my phone. Google Play does ask me if I meant maverick but you have to actually click on that for it to search under "maverick" and not "maverik". If you look below that, Maverik store app showed up as the second one.
    04-13-2012 05:22 PM