1. basic6's Avatar
    I"ve just installed another application on my Android 2.3.7.
    When I opened the Market, I was asked, if I agree with the Google Play TOS.
    Obviously I did without reading them.
    After going back to my home screen, I wanted to see all installed apps, so I clicked the icon at the bottom of the screen, in the middle. There are three icons at the bottom, a dial icon on the left, a browser icon on the right and in the middle used to be some sort of grid icon that opened an icon overview of all installed apps (which could be dragged to the home screen).

    This middle icon now opens Google Play instead.
    Also, when moving it away, there's a star left ("no application defined yet").

    Where did the apps overview screen go?
    I'm sure it's still there, I just can't find it anymore for some reason.

    Btw. at some point I've moved the Market icon I had on the home screen onto what used to be this grid icon in order to remove it from the home screen. Don't know if that made the grid icon disappear.

    Edit: Okay, found it. Long-click the background screen, "Launcher Actions", "Open/close the App Drawer". I could have figured that out myself.
    03-31-2012 05:13 AM