1. terpitude71's Avatar
    i know when the evo first was released, the market started to bog down due to the influx of new users messing around on there. however, i am still experiencing incredibly slow speeds in the marketplace. i am not talking about downloading apps, as that is fine once i get there. just loading each page in the market takes a really long time, even on wi-fi. i have done the clear cache/uninstall updates deal, and still no relief. any suggestions from anyone else out there? (moto droid running stock 2.1 btw)
    06-18-2010 11:09 PM
  2. Kedar's Avatar
    Not me... atleast.
    The pages load in less than a second. When an app is installing, the market takes a long time... but otherwise, just browsing the market is a matter of split seconds.

    (Evo stock sense)
    06-18-2010 11:39 PM
  3. WAM's Avatar
    nothing different from the usual slowness for me
    06-18-2010 11:46 PM
  4. rpfarrah's Avatar
    Not slow for me at all.
    06-19-2010 09:02 AM
  5. Bigchris's Avatar
    Well, the market loads quick, then after selecting something, it takes a little while before it actually starts to download. Not sure if this is normal or not, this is my 1st Android device. This happens while on Wifi. Some times its quick sometimes its not.
    06-19-2010 10:22 AM
  6. MikeBinOK's Avatar
    I was all over it last night (wild Friday night, eh?) and was totally content with the speed and responsiveness.
    06-19-2010 10:53 AM
  7. Prospekt's Avatar
    Mine's been working pretty fast. No noticeable slowdowns for me.
    06-19-2010 12:27 PM