1. SalilSundresh's Avatar
    I'm switching from my iPhone 4S to a Galaxy S3 and I want to port over all my text message conversations, call logs, etc. I heard about this app called "Easy Phone Sync" which sounds great for this but it doesn't appear to be available to me on the Google Play store because I'm in the USA. Is there anywhere I can download this or is there an alternative out there? Thanks!
    09-10-2012 06:12 PM
  2. SalilSundresh's Avatar
    No one?
    09-12-2012 08:33 PM
  3. Mmomno's Avatar
    I got an email on Monday from Media Mushroom themselves saying its now available! I guess I'll be getting a Galaxy S3, currently using IPhone 4.
    09-20-2012 06:30 PM

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