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    Your phone rings, what is the first thing you do? Look to see who is calling right? Callogram allows you to control what the person on the other end of the line is seeing. Callogram allows users to select an image from the phone's gallery or from Facebook, assign that image to another user and when a call is placed to that user the image appears on the other end of the line. It essentially turns each phone call into a surprise. Imagine in college at a big party and you snap a photo of something awesome, assign it to friend at home studying and call. Or as my wife did a few days ago, took a pic of my daughter with a new treasure she found at the park and called me to tell me, the picture had already said a 1000 words though. Callogram allows users to invite other friends through Facebook wall posts or text messages. The more friends with Callogram the more people you can share with. Callogram can be found in Google play store at

    11-20-2012 05:03 PM

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