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    Forgive me for spending a mild B_TCH token here and this is just passive venting maybe some can relate with. I just noticed that I've lost another round of previously "purchased" apps on the Google Apps Market. Of course it's done without a word or reason of any kind and if it wasn't for making a print out of list of purchased apps from Google Wallet I wouldn't have a clue of what they have removed.

    I'm not talking about risky apps that were fresh on the market with only 3 ratings that might had been removed due to malware, but apps with a high following and rating history from developers that were in good standing at the time of purchase. I understand Googles disclaimer policy and how they openly state we are at our own risk basically but they might at least give notice on why purchased apps are being suspended or perhaps allow a five day period for buyers to download the version to date. If an app was being suspended for security risk they should let us know, but as it stands you won't be informed at all. They are too big to have to care.

    Thankfully at least I did not rely on Google as a sole backup and have a few back ups from mobile and SD to salvage some of my loss. A few losses were acceptable but now giving the huge numbers (over a $100 worth so far) I feel remorse. Google Market is not a reputable place and a very risky bet! I suggest if any of you are not already making backup of your apps with something like AppMonster or manually doing your own, you might consider getting in the habbit. I've lost nearly a third over the last few years.
    11-26-2012 05:31 PM

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