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    I just started using a Galaxy Note II. It works fine and I am grateful for the help I got in this forum.

    There is one facebook setting I have not found out how to make. When I make mobile uploads facebook publishes my localization on my timeline.("about an hour ago near Stockholm, Stockholm") I wish to keep my localization private. I do not want visitors to my facebook timeline to have access to my localization.

    How can I turn this off?


    (Sorry, it is not a pure Android question, but my impression is that the knowledge can be found in this forum. I hope it is ok to ask here.If the setting must be made from my desktop computer that is ok too, of course.)
    01-19-2013 10:48 PM
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    It looks like you can do it when you update your status:

    When you click in the Update Status box, youll see your closest city listed in the gray bar along the bottom. I probably looked at this a hundred times without actually realizing what it was or why it was thereit just kind of snuck under the radar.
    How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location When You Update Your Status | PCWorld

    I tried it. If you do it once it seems no more location information is published in your facebook.
    01-20-2013 04:44 AM

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