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    How are you gentlemen?

    I enjoy android and learning new things so I'm hear to pose thought-provoking questions and learn something in the process. I live in China and bought a nice little Samsung phone with Android 4 on it. I was quite curious how Android functions seeing as how Google is semi-blocked in China. What I found was that my phone came with four different Markets and four or five browsers each with a built in Market. After some reading I discovered that Android in China is like the lawless wild west. Every app has a long list of permissions. Now, I've found that the major software companies have the most 'trusted' Markets. Also I found the major software companies also have their own "security" apps. One of these security apps came pre-installed QQ Security Center.

    Now here's what I couldn't believe. I open the app and a paragraph of Chinese characters pops-up. I've been studying Chinese for quite a while, but a hundred tiny characters on a tiny screen will make anyone want to just skip to the next screen. Except I noticed one English word in the middle of all this "root". What? After a little more deep glancing I realized that this QQ Security Center that came pre-installed wants to root my device for my own safety. I've been reading about rooting a device and decided that although I'm not an ***** I don't think I want to mess around too much and root anything.

    How could a phone come with a program that wants to root my device? Is this a consequence of organizational dysfunction? Did the programmers get lazy and decide to let some third-party do the rest of the work? Thinking about it now I've imagined a kind of "IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE ! TAKE THIS." situation where I should have really let that security software root my device.

    I guess my whole question is about trust. I mean I love how the play store will tell you that an application is compatible with your device, but what does Google do to let us trust them? What could they do in the worst-case scenario? Is it safe for me to assume that all of these apps and securities systems were developed by the Chinese government and they are recording all of my calls and slowly learning about my plans for world domination? And finally, do any of you brilliant wise and generous honorable forum readers have experience in the wild wild east for my further questions?
    01-27-2013 11:41 PM

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