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    I am a new user of Android. Basically I think the system works really well. The apps are reasonably priced. I just have some questions about smaller details.

    Yesterday I bought the RPG game Final Fantasy Dimensions through the Google Play shop. It works very well, close to the old SNES version.

    It cost $18.96.
    I was charged, through VISA, Swedish currency
    SEK 149.00
    When I today enter $18.96 into Google search for conversion to SEK it gives
    SEK 120.39

    It seems there are considerable fees (SEK 29) added on the buy. I cant give any details now, but my impression is that the fees are higher than for other VISA buys. I may be wrong though, I don't use VISA for buying so often.

    Here the fees are 24% !

    My question is.
    Are there different fees for using VISA in Google Play shop than if I use it in a "shop in the street"?
    01-30-2013 10:26 PM
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    Basically I think Android and apps work very well and prices are reasonable. But charging 24% commission for money transfer and exchange is not reasonable, I think. (No VAT involved) I therefore contacted the email given in the invoice. But they reply that they are not the correct institution to contact!!
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.
    We are sorry to hear that you hace encountered some issues with purchasing the game.
    We advise you to contact directly Google play store as they will be able to give you more information on your purchase.
    We apologize for this inconveninece caused.
    Kind regards,
    The Square Enix Support Centre team
    I wrote back and asked whom to contact. I could not find any contact for Google Play Store.
    It is not a big thing for me, I just think fees should be clearly stated.
    02-01-2013 09:12 AM
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    The invoice gave a link to a webform that led to Square Enix. I have asked them to specify the invoice. - How can 24% have been added to the amount I should pay?
    They say they are not responsible! They say I should contact Google Play Shop. Three times they have sent me instructions that are not possible to follow. Twice because Google play only call numbers in four countries, in none of which I reside. Once because they instruct me to go to a.web page with a "contact us" link that does not exist.
    Well. It seems I will never get any clarity in how 24% (not VAT) was added on my bill.
    02-05-2013 09:35 PM
  4. ycc's Avatar
    I must credit Square Enix. They still work on giving me a specification of the invoice. I got this today.

    Dear nn, Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.We are sorry to hear you are still unable to contact Google Play Support.We can escalate your issue to our head office to see if any more information can be obtained, however please be aware as this is not a request they would normally deal with, it may take some time.

    I will naturally reply and give them the data they need
    02-07-2013 02:58 AM
  5. ycc's Avatar
    Sorry for late report on this. But it ran out into nothing.
    Square Enix finally told me they could not give any information how their exchange rates are computed.
    I am not so impressed by Square Enix on this point.
    05-31-2013 11:31 PM

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