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    I don't have an Android phone yet (contract is up in September) but I want to start setting up Apps that I like. I have an App Brain account, so can I set it up so that WHEN I get my phone the apps will automatically download?
    07-29-2010 01:01 PM
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    Yes, you can start picking out apps and making your list on AppBrain. Then when you get your phone, just get the AppBrain app, login, and download all your apps.
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    07-29-2010 01:30 PM
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    Lets clear this up. There seems to be a lot of mis-information on how AppBrain works. ii

    You have a few options on AppBrain (AB). The main way you will work is you can add items from AB to your install list by selecting the "Install" option from the application you are viewing and interested in.

    When you get your Android device you then download the AB app from the "Market" application that comes pre-installed on the device (phone.) When you run the AB app it has a "manage my apps" button which will take you to a page that you then have a "Sync with AppBrain" button. That will then sync and list all the apps you marked to install from the web page.

    You still have to install the apps one at a time, there is no batch install function. At least not yet.

    You can also add items from AB to a (various) list(s) by choosing "Add to List" instead of "Install." This list though is not viewable from the AB app itself on the device. You can however look at the apps in your lists on-line and then select items to "Install." This can be useful if you intend to have a bunch of items you want to check out later but do not want to mark for install right away.

    What is really awesome is once you get your device you can install an app called "Fast Web Installer." Then when you chose install from AppBrain instead of just adding it an app to the "Install" list, it installs that application directly to your phone if it is free. If it is not free then you still have to go through the normal sync process on the device where you can then go through the buy process.

    I hope that helped.
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    07-29-2010 02:13 PM
  4. Litt's Avatar
    Awesome. I can't wait. Now the question is . . . do I upgrade in September or wait a month or 2 to see what comes out at year end?
    07-29-2010 07:54 PM
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    Awesome. I can't wait. Now the question is . . . do I upgrade in September or wait a month or 2 to see what comes out at year end?

    Why don't you do one better ... Wait for CES in January or CTIA 2011 or all the other international electronics / mobile conventions for the new announced phones ... Then you will be right on time instead of almost a year behind ... No one can tell you what you probably already know or you will be waiting for that next great phone the rest of your life.
    07-29-2010 08:10 PM