1. acfarrey's Avatar
    Sorry for the noob question. My wife just got a Droid X and I am set to get one in a couple of weeks. This is our first android device and we are trying to figure out how the Android Marketplace works for purchased apps.

    Coming from the iOS world, we are able to purchase an app 1 time and download it to two different iPads by using the same iTunes account on both devices. (I believe the EULA says it is legal to do on up to 5 devices). Can the same thing be done on Android devices? (i.e. If we buy an app on her phone - can we also load it on my device as well?)

    This works well for us on the iPads because we can purchase an app for the kids to use in the car and we don't have to worry about which device to bring. We are hoping the same thing can be done - but it's not obvious as to how it is done because there is no login to the Marketplace app.

    If this can be done, please walk me through the steps...


    07-30-2010 12:55 PM
  2. maildroiddev's Avatar
    There is no official EULA that I know of. This would depend on two things:

    1. If a dev adds in his own EULA and you want to follow it
    2. A dev can add in own code to validate your device and installs and the dev may block it from a second device
    3. Android is rolling out in the next few weeks a new license scheme which is basically a license scheme. I am sure many dev people are going to make use of it: Google Implementing Licensing Server To Protect Android Apps From Piracy - HotHardware. My understanding is that this new approach will lock it down to one device, but not sure yet.
    4. The old way of locking it down to one device is via a crude method called 'copy-protection' which has a whole slew of issues and most developers did not use.
    07-30-2010 01:55 PM