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    Just purchased a nexus 7 for my mum ( joint bday / mothersday gift )

    and its awesome, she loves it, however there's one thing it doesn't do that would make her life mega easy from what we can see, and that's a calender & contacts sync.

    Shes a care worker, so what would be great is if for example she could create a contacts page for each client, then using a calendar mark which client needs to be seen at what times, which leads to the clients contact info,

    so for example she could add a client :

    Yellow brick road
    land of Oz
    tel number - 00000 000 000

    Then say on a calender she could tap monday 9am, add Dorothy, and its all registered with links to address / google maps ect.

    while the calender on the device is good, shes often seeing the same client multiple times during a week, so just being able to add via contacts would be great, is there any app or app combos that would allow this?

    Thanks in advance!
    03-13-2013 04:12 PM

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