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    This is my first post in these forums so please forgive any newbie lack of detail etc.

    I bought 2 foscam IP camera's and they were delivered yesterday. I have one set up for home security monitoring, and the other I intend to use as a baby monitor camera once our baby arrives (in August).*

    The camera is great, I have it set up and am happy, however I am having trouble finding the perfect solution to my monitoring from my phone. *I have tried several different apps and the ones I found that come the closest are IP Viewer and TinyCam.However, there are a couple of issues with each.*

    I love that I can set TinyCam to record to Dropbox. I love that I can select to record while in the middle of viewing streaming footage when I am out of the home. However, although audio (2 way) worked last night when I was at home from my phone, this morning it did not. I cannot listen or speak into the camera as these icons are missing when on 3G. I will know when I get home if this will work once I am back on the Wifi (although this wouldn't meet my needs if this was the case).
    I am also unsure how to set up so that I get notified when movement is detected.*There isn't much detail in the settings of the app, and googling hasn't turned up anything.

    Ip Viewer is similar but the sound works. However I cannot record to Dropbox (or anything other than the SD card on a third android device that I would need to set up for this purpose).*

    so.... I wondered if anyone would know of any apps that would meet my needs.I'd like to:
    - Be alerted to movement detected, during specific hours that I can set (when we are out of the home at work for example). I have several pets so am hoping there is a way to reduce sensitivity so that it is pet friendly. Alerting can be via email or SMS or even an in app alarm (that would not be going through too much data when running in the background for this)
    -Record video or capture stills during this time when activity is captured.
    -Upload video/images automatically to dropbox as linked in-app
    -Be able to record from my device at will (as TinyCam allows now).A
    -able to remotely turn on and off camera's ahead of when we have 2 running that have different purposes.*

    I've spent a lot of time trawling through apps today*and most have these features but I am yet to find one that has all these features.**

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    05-03-2013 01:18 AM
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    Not sure what is up with formatting sorry.
    05-03-2013 01:19 AM
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    No one?
    05-04-2013 07:36 AM
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    Did you ever find a solution? I am having similar issues finding something that works for me.
    11-21-2013 01:09 PM

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