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    Good day, everyone!

    I am VERY frustrated at the limited capability of the voice-to-text app (SwiftKey) on my Android (running KitKat).

    For example - and of course, I may be missing a few here - as far as I can tell, the ONLY punctuation symbols provided by SwiftKey's voice input feature are "period", "comma", "question mark", and "exclamation mark". So, what if I would like to use OTHER punctuation symbols such as *, &, (, ), or /... etc...?

    Moreover, what if I'd like to start a new paragraph, erase the preceding or following character, or do other things that are so EASY to do using any regular keyboard?

    It's pain in the a*s to have to stop the microphone, open the keyboard, type whatever keys I need to type, and then open up the microphone again so bl&#dy often!

    In other words, does an app exist that can handle ANYTHING more than just words and an extremely limited amount of punctuation?

    Maybe SwiftKey actually CAN do some of these things... if so, how? *SwiftKey is so highly rated...

    Thanks for letting me rant. Have a great day, everyone!
    03-16-2014 01:28 PM

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