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    I am having a bunch of problems with the market on my fascinate. Let me tell the whole story: I got the phone, installed some apps via the market, then did the 1-click-root process. Just after that, I tried using the market to buy an app but the market logon wouldn't work at all, it gave me the "unable to create secure connection" message. I played with removing some apps (didnt change anything just removed common bloat) and then after the battery life was still **** I considered/attempted returning the phone, so naturally I undid all the root changes I made just before that. After undoing the rooting and a battery pull restart, I opened the market up to find that 6 of the installed apps had updates available, whereas before unrooting none of them showed that. I then tried to log in to the pay side of the market again but it still fails. I have market version 1714.

    Should I be able to log in? And, are there any known complications when rooting that affect the market? The only apps I removed from the system were verizon-specific junk ones and the market still let me install new apps fine but it just wasn't doing any update checking apparently.
    11-05-2010 08:21 AM