1. Kinsman's Avatar
    I have been searching the market for apps that are aimed at the alternative(green) energy, but having no luck.

    I am a student for a PV solar class, there is another student with an iphone. He is constantly bragging on how many apps he has on his phone that are green energy apps, however, I can't find them for the droid.

    I was excited when I purchased my droid, but now I am having second thoughts and considering moving over to the iphone because I need these apps for my business.

    Anyone have suggestions or ideas on the android market direction for green energy? Thanks.

    11-20-2010 09:44 PM
  2. dvader's Avatar
    you "need" them for your business or you "need" them because your classmate is showing up you and your phone?
    11-20-2010 10:54 PM
  3. Kinsman's Avatar
    Looking to add them to my phone for my business. It's not that my classmate is showing me up, it's just he has access to very good green energy apps on his iphone and I don't for my Droid. I have noticed a lot of people in my field are also using iphones just for this very reason.

    I really like the Droid and it's easy to use, but just a bit flustered at the lack of green energy apps.

    My business will focus on HERS, RESNET, and BPI Home energy Rater as well as PV Solar installation. These are the areas in which I would like to see the Android market shine on Droid apps.
    11-21-2010 10:49 PM