1. JoshK's Avatar
    Hi Guys, I did a vast search on the net and a quick search on here but turned nothing up.

    I updated my phone last week(or whenever the last update was) and I updated Grooveshark then as well. Ever since, Grooveshark only works on WiFi! I pay my $3 every month and use GS every singe day of the week, so I am sure you guys can understand that this is driving me crazy.

    Is there something I don't know?
    Is there a way to go back to the previous version of GS to see if that will fix it?

    It is my own fault for updating I suppose, but I just hoped I was updating the music library or something. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
    01-04-2011 02:28 PM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    I would contact the developer.
    01-04-2011 02:51 PM
  3. JoshK's Avatar
    Tried that, no response yet.
    01-04-2011 04:07 PM
  4. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    From what I've been reading it seems to be a problem for a lot of people using the app for a while now. Its something the developers need to fix. You can read through some forums if you google.....Grooveshark only working on wifi. Right now theres no solution for it which sucks since you're paying monthly fees. I would dispute the charge if you can through your credit card company.
    Grooveshark Forums - This song will only play on wifi

    If you read the apps reviews in the market the wifi issue is supposedly being fixed in the next release......whenever that is.
    01-04-2011 05:09 PM