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    I just want to stream a live flash audio/video over the internet using my D2. The site I'm using offers a feed for Windows Media Player or Real Player with audio only, or a Flash Player which is an audio and video stream.

    When I use the flash player, it's constantly trying to buffer and it's very choppy, then after a minute or two it just quits - I'm assuming because it's also video and it's too much data for my D2 to handle. But what do I know....

    I had a Windows phone before my DROID1 and it worked then. While I would not trade my D2 for anything, this is the one area where I'm really disappointed.

    I'm looking for any suggestions. If I could JUST find a way to get the Media Player or Real player streaming to work on my D2 it would be great. I don't really need the video. I understand it's not possible to put a WMP or Real Player on my D2, but I'm hoping there might be an app that works instead or something
    01-12-2011 02:26 PM