1. Nezzaros's Avatar
    Dear All,

    I encrypted my SD card using the encrypt SD Card feature in Android Lollipop. Later, I upgraded my phone to CM13 Marshmallow and I removed the SD Card from my phone during the entire process. Once the new ROM has been installed I encrypted my phone internal memory using the same password as the one I used to encrypt my SD Card.

    Once I reinserted my SD Card, the phone couldn't read the encrypted files stored in there. Everytime I try to open a file (image, music, video...) it says "the file couldn't be opened it could be corrupted or damaged".

    Can anyone tell me how to restore data on an encrypted SD card ? Of course, I know the exact password that was used to encrypt the data on the SD Card.
    03-21-2016 06:23 AM
  2. Daniel Smith14's Avatar
    Here's how you recover data from a SD card that is encrypted -
    04-21-2016 03:00 AM

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