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    Okay, so i use google voice sometimes on my phone. i set it up so when i want to make a call and i hit "dial" and a window pops up and says "Call with Google Voice" or "Call without Google Voice". So, essentially i have two numbers, one google voice the other my cell number. I like this option. Anyhoo, now we get gritty. I installed the Skype app, and now Skype, because it is such an app *****, stole that option away from google voice. so when i call someone the same window pops up, but instead of a google voice option it says, "Skype Out" or "Dialer" i choose dialer and it uses my cell number to call. Why did Skype do this? i looked everywhere in the settings and there is no where to disable this. So i had to uninstall Skype because of this. it's such a pain... All i want is to have 3 options one for Skype, one for google voice, and one just for the the cell. or at least still have skype installed and just get rid of that. i dont like how Skype usurped google voice from that window... has anyone experienced this issue? know a fix? please help
    03-09-2011 06:19 AM
  2. macvjk's Avatar
    Same experience here. Your post brought the problem back towards the top of my "issues to be resolved" list. Would this work? Install the google voice setup widget. It allows you to quickly change between options. Those options are: "Ask for every call," "Use for all calls," "Do not use for calls," "International calls only." If you want to make a Google Voice call, set the widget to "Use for all calls" and select Dialer instead of Skype. If you want to make a call using your native cell phone number, set the widget to "Do not use for calls" and select Dialer instead of Skype. I vaguely remember trying to set the Google Voice widget to "Ask for every call," but that put me back to needing to be able to choose between 3 options which wasn't possible as you point out in your post (Google Voice Number, Cell Phone Number, Skype). I whole-heartedly agree that it'd be fantastic to have the ability to choose from three options. But, I'm too naive about the underlying programming to know whether this is a short-fall from the Skype app or whether it's an OS limitation or it's a "user issue." Anyway, this approach may give you what you want, although not as elegant as we'd like. Good luck! P.S. I would have tried this to see for myself to see if it works, but I've uninstalled Skype. Let us know if it works for you, or if you find a better solution.
    03-09-2011 07:18 AM
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    Yeah thx. your remedy seems more like a work-around. Which I am more than willing to try if no other solution is found. But it does seem silly that skype did that. what authority does skyp have? i mean i find it rude that without even asking me it just decided to change my phone dialer options i chose to have, and google voice is powerless to stop it :-(
    03-09-2011 04:12 PM
  4. brewmage's Avatar
    I've noticed, on my new LG G2x, that Skype comes up as the first option with the standard dialer, the after selecting the standard dialer, I get the option to call with or without GV. Now, it would be nice of course if GV came up in the list the first time, or if there was a way to stop Skype from showing up at all, but at least I'm getting the option. Oh, this only happens when you make a call using a fully qualified number. By that, I mean dialing 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx instead of just the local number (xxx-xxxx). Otherwise you don't get the GV option.
    04-27-2011 07:44 AM