1. juan epstein's Avatar
    I am in the process of opening a retail business and wanted to have access to the cameras when I'm off site. I know I saw an app on another site that could be downloaded, but for the life of me, I can't find now. Any insght?

    03-19-2011 02:55 AM
  2. Smitty_82's Avatar
    This would all depend on your camera set up in your building. I can help find the right thing, but I would need to know more about your camera system.
    03-19-2011 07:04 AM
  3. juan epstein's Avatar
    I'm meeting w/ the LL on Wednesday. What specifically do you need to know? Thx Smitty.
    03-19-2011 08:33 PM
  4. Smitty_82's Avatar
    The basics are the type of connection that your cameras are going to be set up with. Are they going to be hooked up through a camera DVR or through a PC? What is the normal viewing and playback for the camera system (dedicated application or an internet viewer)? The interface with your phone would be dependant on the camera set up. The easiest to set up (for your droid x) might be through an internet viewer that you would be able to access through the browser on your phone (thanks to the flash player). If you have a security company doing the installation, they may have an app already created for your security application. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post specific information on an open forum. The key is, that your cameras would have to be connected to the internet or a local server that you would be able to access remotely.
    03-19-2011 09:26 PM