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    Apple and Amazon, which "enemy", now competition from hardware to application software. Recently, Amazon launched Android application store, called Android Appstore, to provide users with nearly 4,000 applications to download.

    Android Appstore on-line in the previous week, Apple sued Amazon in the North District federal court, accusing the latter in the mobile software developers planned illegal use of its online App Store trademark application store, called for compensation.

    Amazon "launched" app store

    The release of Amazon's application store Android Appstore application currently contains 3800 models, and has access to global carriers and hundreds of support from hardware manufacturers. Although compared to Apple's App Store on thousands of applications, the number of applications Appstore Amazon is only the beginning.

    However, the Amazon rather "to force", the first free day, a time-limited application; second is to provide a simulation program for users to try before buying; addition, provide support for e-App's recommendation. Amazon android Appstore press login page found, its location is the main page to users recommend "free" software, where popular "angry bird" Rio is free to download, and in the Apple App Store, priced at $ 0.99.

    Industry generally believe that the world has a huge user of Amazon launched an online application store, Apple, it does create a lot of threat. Amazon Android application store for mobile clients, which users can download using a mobile phone to enter the mall.

    In fact, before the Amazon e-book and music download service to get involved, just on the line with Android Appstore, Amazon's ambitions in the mobile space is evident. In addition, Amazon launched Android Apple store not only want to point a piece of Google's own Android Market should have a tremendous impact.

    Apple: App Store is my

    One hand a high profile invasion and occupation Apple Amazon site, but Apple has made a "counterattack." Android AppStore in the Amazon on-line the previous week, Apple Amazon Northern District of California federal court, accusing the latter in the mobile software developers in the unauthorized use of your program's online application store "App Store" trademark.

    Presented in a recent lawsuit, said Apple, Amazon alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition, asking the court to ban Amazon "App Store" name, and compensation for the loss of Apple. Amazon also plans mobile software download service in its use of the name. Apple says Amazon Apple APP STORE improper use of trademarks to attract the U.S. software developers.

    Apple said earlier this year, Amazon is about to start using App Store designs. Amazon has been forthcoming, called "angry bird Rio" (Angry Birds Rio) website advertising. "Angry Little Bird" is a popular Apple applications store the name of the software. "Illegal use of App Store applications Amazon store signs to attract software developers throughout the United States."

    Apple said, had contacted three times with the Amazon, asking them to immediately stop using the name, but Amazon does not "make a substantive response."

    As of now, Amazon has not Apple responded to the allegations.

    T-Mobile iPhone users rush to be married

    According to "The New York Times" reported, in May 2001 to enter the U.S. market, Deutsche Telekom reason why the business decided to close 10 U.S. subsidiary T-Mobile (T-Mobile USA) to sell AT & T, mainly because Apple iPhone launched in 2007 after leading the company's huge loss of binding contracts users.

    T-Mobile U.S. report shows that in 2010 alone the company lost 390,000 customers binding contract.

    According to fortune.com reported, Oppenheimer & Co. Securities analyst Ittai Kidron said the whole telecom manufacturers and handset manufacturers a whole (especially HTC, Samsung, LG the U.S. T-Mobile, Sprint's existing co-operation manufacturers) and network equipment providers (Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens) is negative.

    Apple's infringement case against Nokia control

    According to BBC News news, recently, Apple sued Nokia mobile technology patent infringement disputes settled, Nokia lost.

    United States International Trade Commission administrative law judge James Sharansky E Concordia (E. James Gildea), said Apple did not put forward five Nokia patents infringement. This conclusion will be later by the International Trade Commission hearing by the Commission 6. The committee the right to prohibit imports of products infringe U.S. patents.

    Nokia spokesman Laurie Armstrong (Laurie Armstrong), said: "We are disappointed that the ruling, we issued a formal decision will be decided in the next action."

    Apple spokeswoman Kristin Hugh Jeter (Kristin Huguet) is no comment.

    AT & T will acquire the T-Mobile to create the nation's largest operator

    According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT & T Inc.) Agreed to 39 billion U.S. dollars in cash and stock acquisition of Deutsche Telekom (Deutsche Telekom, DTE.XE) subsidiary T-Mobile USA, thereby creating the largest U.S. wireless carriers , and fundamentally change the U.S. wireless industry's competitive landscape.

    Company said the deal will allow both companies use the same network technology to achieve consolidation and ease the shortage of spectrum resources of both companies stress.

    Analysts said that if the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and T-Mobile merger transaction by the Federal Government's approval, the companies will have thousands of jobs may be in the next 12 to 18 months have been laid off or automatically reduced.
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