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    Wasn't sure where to post this but hope this is the right place. I also hope someone has an answer or solution.

    I need to find a gps app capable of letting me mark waypoints as done, skipped, and so on. And then resetting once I start my trip again.

    I run a garbage business and currently use osmand to navigate my routes.
    Used mytracks to record the path and used a different app to mark coordinates of all my customers. Put both into Google maps and exported as a KML file AND THEN used an online converter to convert the KML into a GPX to be used in osmand.

    The problems I have with this is if I get a new customer it isn't easy to alter the path and add the new location. Doable but not easy.
    Also, can't mark if a customers can isn't out or mark that I picked up that customer.

    Are there any offline gps apps that can do what I'm talking about?
    07-31-2017 09:55 PM

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