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    Good morning everyone. I have a few questions and i figured this is the place to go.

    For mothers day my wife wanted the Samsung replenish to replace her old Crackberry. So after looking at some reviews we decided to give the phone a try. Since i have the Evo4g i figured i would be able to help her figure out how to navigate the phone. So we got the phone home yesterday and i started to tinker around with it. The one issue i was having was with the App store. I was having problems finding apps on her phone that i had already DL'd on my Evo. For example she wanted gas buddy and scanlife. 2 apps which i downloaded for my phone. Now when i tried searching for those apps in the app store on her phone, it couldnt find them. I was prompted to check the spelling. So i sat our phones side by side and typed in the exact name of the app on both phones and still her phone would not locate the app, but mine did.

    So i guess my questions would be

    1. because her phone is not as advanced as mine, are the amount of apps on her phone limited compared to mine?

    2. Can the app store be updated?

    Sorry for being long winded. Any help would be appreciated.


    05-12-2011 06:04 AM