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    Item Description : Battery door for HTC Desire (Us Cellular, not sure if that makes a fit difference.)
    Price Range:Preferably under $10 with shipping
    Condition :Used ok, but not beat up; that's what I've got now
    Payment Method :Paypal
    Contact Info :click my username and email me
    Additional Info:I got a great deal on an HTC Desire on Craigslist...brand new warranty replacement, so the phone itself is in great shape, but of course, they make you keep the battery door. The door that came with this phone is pretty beat up, so I'm looking to see if any of my fellow AndroidCentral-ites have an extra sitting around. Looking for one that is in decent shape; the one I currently have, had a discoloration on the camera cover on the battery door, so I popped that off.

    email me and let me know if you got one. john dot e dot vincent AT gmail dot com
    08-30-2011 06:38 PM