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    Item Description: 3 week old HTC Sensation 4G + accessories
    Price: $425
    Condition: Practically New
    Includes: Sensation 4G phone, SD card, charger, unused headphones w/mic, stock battery, box/manuals, extended battery (Anker 1900), black case
    Item Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Shipping Details: USPS - will split cost with buyer (up to Priority), or local pickup
    Payment Options: Paypal Personal (to avoid fees), Money Order, or other Paypal method (if you pay fees); will wait for Paypal payment to clear before shipping (had bad past experience)
    Contact Info: PM or email ragnarokx at crackberry dot com
    Additional Info: Bought this beautiful phone through my cousin who works at T-Mobile to use while I sent my other phone in for warranty repair. After using it for a few days I decided to keep it. But thanks to a tuition increase this year and the more-outrageous-than-usual book prices, I'm forced to sell it. It comes with an Amazon case with all the proper antenna hole cut-outs to preserve signal strength, as well as an extended battery for the power-users out there.
    09-02-2011 05:57 PM
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    09-05-2011 11:04 AM