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    Item Description: HTC Evo 4G in great condition. I can send you pics, videos or whatever of the phone if you're a serious buyer.It comes with 5 batteries, one of them is an extended battery (3500mah) with the battery door, which was originally $60+ dollar value.

    Price: $180 + $5 shipping (up for bargain)

    Condition: Used, but in great condition. Request pics and/or video of the phone if you want. I always had that bad boy in a case since i got it.

    Includes: Charger, original box, 5 batteries, including a $3500mah battery

    Item Location: New City, New York

    Shipping Details: USPS

    Payment Options: Paypal. I'll list it on ebay too if you want it to be an official transaction.

    Contact Info: aiwe174th@yahoo.com
    10-13-2011 01:29 PM
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    Heres the link to the ebay listing

    HTC EVO 4G - 1GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone Mint Condition! | eBay

    Heres a video of it

    10-18-2011 09:21 AM
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    Bid ends in 4 days
    10-19-2011 12:37 PM
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    2 hours left on the bid
    10-23-2011 06:03 AM