1. sicario666's Avatar
    Love my XOOM but don't absolutely need it. Screen protector. Motorola portfolio cover. Charger.16gb sd card. LNIB.will come with transferable accidental warranty from staples.

    10-18-2011 01:16 AM
  2. sicario666's Avatar
    Bump...need to sell or trade. I need another mobile device.

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    10-18-2011 02:07 PM
  3. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Hey man, just letting you know I responded to your post on tipb.
    10-18-2011 02:41 PM
  4. sicario666's Avatar
    Thanks wildo. Sucks for me. Lol.

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    10-18-2011 02:51 PM
  5. Wildo6882's Avatar
    No problem man. I would possibly have swapped with you last week if I still had my Bionic.

    Good luck though!
    10-18-2011 03:06 PM
  6. sicario666's Avatar
    Double post
    10-18-2011 05:49 PM
  7. sicario666's Avatar
    Bump. Come on folks. I know some1 out there just got a 4s and wants to sell a 4. And...would love a LNIB xoom!

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    10-20-2011 02:24 PM
  8. sicario666's Avatar
    Buyer back out right before I was supposed to meet him. Irritating. Oh well. Still for sale. Can provide serial numbers so you can verify staples warranty on request.

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    10-21-2011 02:13 PM
  9. sicario666's Avatar
    Bump up for lowered price

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    10-26-2011 03:53 PM
  10. He123321's Avatar
    What are the specs on the zoom? What is the bottom line $ that you will accept?
    10-26-2011 08:22 PM
  11. sicario666's Avatar
    Op says it all

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    10-26-2011 08:40 PM
  12. sicario666's Avatar
    Lowest is 330 shipped

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    10-26-2011 08:43 PM
  13. He123321's Avatar
    Is it the wifi only version? I'm viewing your post on my SGSII, so I don't know if I'm missing something. Paypal payment?
    10-26-2011 08:49 PM
  14. sicario666's Avatar
    Yes wifi version. Paypal payment,yes. I have Verizon. I can't use your sgs2. Im almost about to close a deal with a local buyer soon. If you do want it then let me know. It'll be gone after tonight.

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    10-26-2011 08:52 PM
  15. He123321's Avatar
    Noooo, not trading, buying...So big red branding, or no? How fast can you ship? Where can I find feedback on you?
    10-26-2011 08:57 PM
  16. sicario666's Avatar
    There's no vzw branding on the xoom. I got it from staples and the warranty is still valid. You can find feedback here on my profile. I believe its called itrader. I've done business with a few people here and some on android central. I can ship out first thing in the morning and get you a confirmation number as well.

    Oops this is android central. Sorry. I've done buying and selling on xda

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    10-26-2011 09:00 PM
  17. sicario666's Avatar
    Still available. Current buyer wants to meet on Saturday. Money makes the honey. Step up if you want it.
    10-27-2011 04:48 PM
  18. sicario666's Avatar
    Bump for price drop
    10-31-2011 01:16 PM
  19. sicario666's Avatar
    Xoom sold. Please close thread.
    10-31-2011 10:45 PM