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    Please Close. Found a Phone.

    Item: HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Charge or Motorola Bionic (Charge is Preferred)
    Price: Neg
    Rate: 7.5/10 or better
    Includes: Atleast Battery and Charger
    Shipping: USPS w/ Delivery is good.
    Location: Im in Indiana
    Payment: Paypal
    Contact: PM or TSHR1439@insightbb.com

    Looking to buy a Charge or Bionic for my wife. I am not willing to pay more than I can get them on eBay or other forums for. I have a lot of feedback on Crackberry (20+), 5+ on Android Forums, 5+ on ArcheryTalk, also have 114+ feedback on eBay, at 100%. References can be sent upon request.

    Again, Looking for a deal. Not in a bind or hurry to buy unless the price is right.

    You MUST: Have feedback - If not, I ask you ship first. I believe my feedback over the last 3 years speaks for itself.

    Provide that the ESN is Clean and Clear.

    Again, if you need reference I will be more than happy to supply them for you. Just ask

    The phone must have clean ESN, battery, battery door and phone. Charger and USB would be nice as well. Memory card is optional, but nice.

    Condition must be good. Some scratches and such are fine. Just no cracked screens or huge gouges please.

    11-06-2011 06:30 PM