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    •Thread title: Willing To Buy an ATT Andoird phone.
    •Item Description : Looking for a Samsung Captivate or something close to it spec wise.
    •Price : Buying range is between $100-$150.
    •Condition : Looking for 7-10 but willing do go lower on condition as long as price reflects that.
    •Includes : Looking for just a phone.
    •Shipping Details : Willing to work with shipping.
    •Payment Options : PayPal
    •Contact Info : PM or reply to thread.
    •Additional Info: Willing to work with any deals, if its mint condition or cracked glass that i have to replace, i can deal with both. But looking for a some what high end Android phone, Captivate, Infuse, GS2 even but not looking to send more then 150. LMK what you got!
    01-09-2012 02:58 PM