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    I recently got a hold of a Galaxy Nexus, and no longer need this phone. Works great with no issues. It currently run Cyanogen Mod 7.2, although can be flashed back to stock or anything else. I am including every accessory (cost me around $100 overall) I have bought for this, because I no longer have a use for them.

    Price is cheaper due to a few dings ,and looking to sell it fast for a convention coming up.

    Offical Android 4.0.3 is slated to come out within the next few months for this device. (Although there are a few ICS Custom Roms out there)

    • Item Description : T-Mobile Galaxy S II (Black) + Extras
    • Price: $375 USD (Free Shipping)
    • Condition : A few dings on the corners from where one of the young ones got a hold of it before I had gotten a case(Only cosmetic the housing is still solid). Which you can not even see when the case is on. (See Images Below)
    • Includes :
      • Original Box
      • USB Charger
      • A/C Charger
      • Blue D30 Impact Protection Case (Best Case On The Market For SGH-T989)
      • 16GB SanDisk Micro SD Card
      • 3500mAH Extended Battery w/ Door (Along side the OEM 1850 battery already in the phone)
      • External Battery Charger
      • Android Themed Screen Cleaner
      • Wrist Lanyard
      • Micro SD USB Card Reader
      • MHL HDMI Adaptor (Used to connect phone to HD TV)
      • Emergency Battery Charger (Uses AA batteries to charge the phone)
      • USB Host Module (Makes it able to use USB Mouse, Keyboard, Flash Drives, etc. on the phone)
      • Specialized Stylus (Works on all touch screen phones/tablets)
    • Item Location : Columbus, Ohio
    • Shipping Details : USPS - Priority Mail w/ Tracking Number (Included in price)
    • Payment Options : Paypal
    • Contact Info : PM or E-Mail
    • Additional Info: N/A
    • Photos:
      Everything (USB Host * AC Adapter In The Box)

    04-27-2012 12:47 AM
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